Archikubik in Divisare

Divisare has published an article about the project ‘Au fil de l’eau,’ developed by Archikubik and located in the district of Ivry-sur-Seine, France.

The mixed-use building ‘Au fil de l’eau’ has a complex, and hybrid program including a transgenerational student residence, a retirement home for seniors, a 3-star hotel, tourist business, home residences, offices, service equipaments, and a parking lot. It is situated in the Ivry-Port Nord district, a transitional neighborhood and hinge zone between the Bercy-Charenton and Massena-Bruneseau ZACs on the Parisian side, and the Ivry Confluences on the Ivry-sur-Seine side.

The project aims to address the current mono functionality of the neighborhood, which has a dominant program of industrial and tertiary activities, highlighting the lack of housing and urban life.

Archikubik expresses gratitude to Divisare for their interest in the project.








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