Paisajes Cíclicos, conferencia de Marc Chalamanch en Madrid

Miercoles 28 de setiembre, Marc Chalamanch impartirá una conferencia en la ETSAM - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, titulada “Paisajes Cíclicos”.
La charla presentará la Agrociudad Gagarine Truillot en Ivry-sur-Seine, proyecto ganador del Premio de Urbanismo español 2021 del CSCAE

MIÉRCOLES 28 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2022, DE 19:00 A 21:00 horas
Sala de Conferencias de la planta 3ª /ETSAM - UPM


Conferencia de Marc Chalamanch en Valencia: Paisajes Cíclicos

Martes 20 de setiembre, a las 10.30, Marc Chalamanch dará una conferencia en la Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, titulada “Paisajes Cíclicos”.
Esta conferencia es basará sobre el ejemplo del proyecto ganador del Premio de Urbanismo español 2021 del CSCAE de la Agrociudad Gagarine Truillot en Ivry-sur-Seine.

Conférence inaugurale de Carmen Santana à l'ENSAB

Lundi 119 septembre 2022, Carmen Santana donbne une conférence inaugurale à l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Bretagne (ENSAB).

Bien que principalement dirigée aux étudiants de première année, cette conférence est ouverte à tous.

Lundi 19/09/2022 - 18h30

Ecole d'architecture de Bretagne, 44 bd de Chézy - Rennes

Entrée Libre


Archikubik has been awarded with the Prize of Spanish Urbanism 2021

Archikubik has been awarded with the Prize of Spanish Urbanism 2021 by the Superior Council of Spanish Architects Associations (CSCAE) for its project at Ivry-sur-Seine, the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot.
For this edition of the CSCAE Architecture Award, 21 finalists were selected among more than 650 projects. In all, 6 prizes were given according to different values as well as 3 special distinctions (Spanish Architecture Prize, Spanish Urbanism Prize and Permanence Prize).

In the heart of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val de Marne), the urban project of the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot is a paradigmatic example of urban regeneration in a ANRU sector (area identified as priority by the National Agency for Urban Renewal).
This ZAC carried by GPA - EPA ORSA, develops the values of mixed-use, new uses, co-creation with inhabitants, what already exists, circular and supportive economy and the de-standardization of our lifestyles.
Within a peaceful neighborhood that favors pedestrian mobility, the project offers a city of proximity, united and appropriable. Public space and vegetation are an opportunity for social connection and create actual agricultural landscapes in dense urban areas.
The transitory urban planning approach, supported by the Fernand Léger Contemporary Art Gallery, has from the beginning offered a consideration around the collective memory and poetry of the place.
Presentation of the project for the CSCAE award (ES) :

Agent : Grand Paris Aménagement - EPA ORSA - Urban planner : Archikubik - Sociologist : Ville Hybride - Landscape designer : La Compagnie du Paysage - Environmental engineers: Franck Boutté Consultants - Engineering: EPDC - Sanitary engineering: Prolog Ingénierie - Acoustic Engineering: Altia)

And the whole ecosystem that gives this project all its richness.

Some articles:

Agrociudad Gagarine Truillot en Ivry-sur-Seine”, Arquitectura VIVA, 27 07 2022
La métamorphose de la cité Gagarine d’Ivry, prix d’urbanisme… en Espagne", Le Moniteur, 21 07 2022
“Las propuestas catalanas copan los nuevos premios de los arquitectos españoles”, la Vanguardia, 14 de julio 2022, pàg. 37
"Així són els habitatges de fusta que han premiat els arquitectes espanyols”, Ara, 14 07 2022, pàg. 25
"Los Premios Arquitectura ensalzan 9 proyectos únicos”, El periódico azulejo, 14 07 2022
Los Premios ARQUITECTURA del CSCAE reconocen los valores más sociales, culturales y sostenibles de la arquitectura y el urbanismo” NAN Arquitectura, 14/07/2022
Estas son las ideas protagonistas de los Premios Arquitectura 2022”, El Confidencial, El grito, 14/07/2022
Premios ARQUITECTURA del CSCAE. Tectonica, 14 07 2022

Carmen Santana au Forum Zéro Carbone à Bordeaux

Jeudi 30 mai, Carmen Santana participe au Forum Zéro Carbone à Bordeaux organisé par La Tribune en partenariat avec Bordeaux Métropole. Elle interviendra à la table-ronde « Vivre et habiter, construire durable »

Forum Zéro Carbone, Bordeaux
Hôtel de Bordeaux Métropole, Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle, 33076 Bordeaux.
12h00 à 12h40: table-ronde « Vivre et habiter, construire durable ».

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Interview with Archikubik in Proarquitectura

Prarquitectura Magazine, special number 164,  publishes the interview of Archikubik 3 partners.

With more than 20 years of international experience, Miquel Lacasta, Carmen Santana and Marc Chalamanch present their vision of current and future architecture. Here, they share with us some keys to confront the main emerging social and environmental issues.

Read the interview (ES)

Interview Archikubik (EN translation)

Rei Martí Water Tank in Archdaily

ArchDaily published an article about the Rei Martí Water Tank, rehabilitated by Archikubik (Spain Pavilion,Golden Lion, Venice Biennale 2016)
In the former property where Antoni Gaudí built the Bellesguard Tower, there was recently discovered a big water tank, buried under a pine forest, from the end of the 19th century.
Archikubik preserved it and created an open space to the public, maintaining the magic of this underground water tank and the architectural rhythm created by the Catalan vaults and arcs every 3.5m

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Inauguration of Anemone, the new generation Kley student residence in Montpellier

Thursday, May 12 took place the Anemone’s inauguration, the Kley Student Residence in Montpellier (246 beds, 6.300m2 including 500m2 of common areas), carried out by Archikubik.
The project is an example of the "well living together" thanks to its innovative uses, the quality of its spaces and regular coexistence activities: a relational building as an actor in the economic, social and environmental renewal and dynamization of the district.
In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the project proposes, on one hand, a deep consideration on the air quality thanks to a climate corridor that actively participates in the thermal regulation of the building. The planted patios with trees, hanging gardens and a generously planted rooftop allows oxygenation and renovation of the air. On the other hand, a double skin made of very light braided aluminum wires envelops the building and creates a light veil with subtle and shimmering light variations. This light covering makes it possible to avoid the use of more massive and therefore more energy-intensive metal cladding.
Art and culture are an integral part of the architecture along with the Wall of Opportunity which becomes an artistic support in relation to the artists of the city. By temporary projects over the seasons, art colonizes all floors alongside the exterior staircase and presents a real opportunity for artistic co-creation.

The team is integrated by Kley group, Sylvie Ferro, Joan Bardy, Romain Lucas, Franck Boutté Consultants, BETSO, Structures 2000, Guy Jourdan and Socotec.



Archikubik a la exposició 99+ Imaginaris - Model.Festival Model d'Arquitectures de Barcelona

Archikubik col·labora a la exposició 99+ Imaginaris, presentada dintre de la primera edició de Model. Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona, comissariada per Eva Franch i Gilabert i Josep Maria Montaner en col·laboració amb la ETSAB i la Fundació Enric Miralles. 99+ Imaginaris, presenta dibuixos produits al 2022 d’escenaris futurs de la ciutat de Barcelona concebuts per arquitectes d’arreu del món. Cada dibuix, entès com un manifest de pensament i d’acció, proposarà nous valors, principis, mètodes, estètiques, materialitats i formes -és a dir, nous models- que ens ajudin a continuar creixent com a societat i com a ciutat.

Model.Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona, coorganitzat per l’Ajuntament i el COAC, és la primera gran cita de la Capitalitat Mundial de l'Arquitectura del 2026 i esdevindrà un espai de reflexió plural i multidisciplinar on abordar com fer front a l’emergència climàtica i els reptes del s. XXI des de l’arquitectura i l’urbanisme. Aquesta primera edició, dirigida per Eva Franch i Gilabert, Beth Gali i Jose Luis de Vicente, amb el tema RE-CRÉIXER presentarà una sèrie d'instal·lacions, debats i experiments, així com l'oportunitat d'explorar des de diferents òptiques la riquesa cultural d'una ciutat que ha redefinit constantment la nostra manera de pensar les ciutats i l'entorn construït.

MODEL. Festival d'Arquitectures de Barcelona
Del 5 al 15 de maig 2022

Llegir la presentació Re-Créixer - Archikubik

Metalocus destaca el Depósito del Rei Martí dentro de 22 edificios de Barcelona

En esta recopilación Metalocus destaca edificios y rehabilitaciones contemporáneas de Barcelona, explorando un lado de la ciudad condal, muchas veces ignorado o desconocido, a través de sus bibliotecas, mercados, viviendas, e incluso parques.

Veintidos edificios para conocer la contemporaneidad de Barcelona, dentro de loc cuales, el Depósito del Rei Martí de Archikubik