Inauguration of Anemone, the new generation Kley student residence in Montpellier

Thursday, May 12 took place the Anemone’s inauguration, the Kley Student Residence in Montpellier (246 beds, 6.300m2 including 500m2 of common areas), carried out by Archikubik.
The project is an example of the “well living together” thanks to its innovative uses, the quality of its spaces and regular coexistence activities: a relational building as an actor in the economic, social and environmental renewal and dynamization of the district.
In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the project proposes, on one hand, a deep consideration on the air quality thanks to a climate corridor that actively participates in the thermal regulation of the building. The planted patios with trees, hanging gardens and a generously planted rooftop allows oxygenation and renovation of the air. On the other hand, a double skin made of very light braided aluminum wires envelops the building and creates a light veil with subtle and shimmering light variations. This light covering makes it possible to avoid the use of more massive and therefore more energy-intensive metal cladding.
Art and culture are an integral part of the architecture along with the Wall of Opportunity which becomes an artistic support in relation to the artists of the city. By temporary projects over the seasons, art colonizes all floors alongside the exterior staircase and presents a real opportunity for artistic co-creation.

The team is integrated by Kley group, Sylvie Ferro, Joan Bardy, Romain Lucas, Franck Boutté Consultants, BETSO, Structures 2000, Guy Jourdan and Socotec.