Forged by years of experience of collaborative work, Archikubik has established an ecosystem of multidisciplinary specialists around it. Professional rigour and a common vision have allowed us to develop methodologies with which we now tackle projects of various sizes with serenity and guarantee their proper execution. We find it particularly interesting to integrate various in-depth knowledge. By working in parallel our collaborators increase our creative potential. All our projects are developed in a collaborative and collective manner with specialists of various skills.

Exploratory interviews: ‘one-on-one ‘

Seven years ago, Archikubik implemented a citizen participation process. That is a new methodological model of ‘one-on-one’ exploratory interviews. Under this model, meetings are held with stakeholders and local representatives prior to all the formal stages of the project. Our goal: to understand the pre-existing, what is already there, the developed uses, the deficiencies, the fears, the interrogations, but above all the aspirations of the people. We strive to develop an open and participatory method that strengthens people’s ownership, involving them in the different stages of the projects. These exploratory interviews are conducted in person by Archikubik associates hand-in-hand with a sociologist, before taking any conceptual position on the project.

The trust we install creates the conditions for the dynamics of the project, in all its stages. We are convinced that collective intelligence is the engine that will accelerate the ecological and social transition ofthe 21st century.

Projects : Agrocité Gagarine Truillot ;  L’âme d’eau ; Parking réversible Saint Roch ; Siège EPT Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre ; Zac du Côteau ; Collège et lycée Súnion