Archikubik has been awarded with the Prize of Spanish Urbanism 2021

Archikubik has been awarded with the Prize of Spanish Urbanism 2021 by the Superior Council of Spanish Architects Associations (CSCAE) for its project at Ivry-sur-Seine, the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot.
For this edition of the CSCAE Architecture Award, 21 finalists were selected among more than 650 projects. In all, 6 prizes were given according to different values as well as 3 special distinctions (Spanish Architecture Prize, Spanish Urbanism Prize and Permanence Prize).

In the heart of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val de Marne), the urban project of the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot is a paradigmatic example of urban regeneration in a ANRU sector (area identified as priority by the National Agency for Urban Renewal).
This ZAC carried by GPA – EPA ORSA, develops the values of mixed-use, new uses, co-creation with inhabitants, what already exists, circular and supportive economy and the de-standardization of our lifestyles.
Within a peaceful neighborhood that favors pedestrian mobility, the project offers a city of proximity, united and appropriable. Public space and vegetation are an opportunity for social connection and create actual agricultural landscapes in dense urban areas.
The transitory urban planning approach, supported by the Fernand Léger Contemporary Art Gallery, has from the beginning offered a consideration around the collective memory and poetry of the place.
Presentation of the project for the CSCAE award (ES) :

Agent : Grand Paris Aménagement – EPA ORSA – Urban planner : Archikubik – Sociologist : Ville Hybride – Landscape designer : La Compagnie du Paysage – Environmental engineers: Franck Boutté Consultants – Engineering: EPDC – Sanitary engineering: Prolog Ingénierie – Acoustic Engineering: Altia)

And the whole ecosystem that gives this project all its richness.

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