Zac Nouvelle Centralité
Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

5.596 m2 SDP

  • 61 housings
  • 31 social housings
  • 92 parking lots

The ZAC Nouvelle Centralité provides the development of a territory of 47ha in the municipality of Carrières-sous-Poissy. An ambitious operation, which will give back to the city of Carrières-sous-Poissy a centrality. The project starts from a reflection of the idea of density as a generator of free spaces. The different building blocks have different densities and find a balance at the scale of the plot in order to increase the amount of green spaces dedicated to the neighbors, to offer a high-quality housing.

The buildings share a common platform, located on the street front on the north side, thus allowing a favorable solar orientation of the architectural volumes, from south-east to south, which corresponds to the privileged views towards the future park and the green spaces from the nearby sports complex. This platform is a participative private space (PPS) that organizes the daily life of the inhabitants. This space is an exterior one, which integrates green areas, accessible to all residents. It also works as the entrance of the intermediate buildings, provide the access to the common garden behind the buildings, and open the semi-underground parking lot to natural light and cross ventilation. The SPS is a social space for residents, a place of conviviality, an intermediate space that interrelated the street and the home as one concept. The daily activity of this space will echo the activity of the street by the movement of residents along the façade.

Between the two collective buildings, an urban continuity is established with the neighboring plots, and in contrast, other small-scale buildings develop a vocabulary of domesticity: the icon of the house, the double slope roof, the low high (Ground floor + 2), and the private gardens on the back. This pleasant natural architecture is accompanied by a desire for innovation in these typologies, like the duplex T4 and traversing corridors, which helps to create a visual connection with the gardens and the heart of the plot since the facades located on the street side. The essential idea is that revisited town houses establish a human scale on the whole project.

Client: Nexity
Architects: Archikubik
Environmental engineering: Kerexpert, EVA, 2R Ingénierie
Economist: IBC
Superficies: 5.596 m2
Phase: Delivered 2019