Urban planning

Écoquartier Rouget-de-Lisle

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Vitry-sur-Seine, France

Urban Planning 136.000 m2.

  • 65.000 m2 housing
  • 65.000 m2 activities
  • 5.000 m2 shops
  • 1.000 m2 public facilities

Futurs Possibles Awards 2014

Vitry-sur-Seine is a city cut in two by the Avenue Rouget de Lisle (RD5). Simultaneously, it is a city formed by different centralities with well differentiated uses. The third notable feature of this city is the existence of an east-west topography marked by the hills where the Departmental Park of Lilas is located, from which a view of the Seine Valley expands.

From this analysis, we have found an operating principle that structures the urban tissue. It consists in considering the urban wound generated by the national highway as an opportunity. Its reclassification into an urban boulevard allows the introduction of the concept of ductile public space, in close interchange with participatory private space (pps). A sequential, porous public space, marked by a transversal vegetal plot that comes from the hills and that will work as an eco-connector. Ecological corridors will assist the extension of the natural ecosystems and biodiversity contained in the Parc des Lilas and in the gardens of the suburban morphology.

The vegetal grid works as an articulator of the territory, which reduces the density at a perceptive level. We propose to reinterpret the centrality betting on the human dimension and restructuring the territory from a more sensitive, friendly and domestic scale. This reinterpretation is inspired by the poetry of the existing environment and is capable of redimensioning the city of the 21st century to the city of the senses.

The aim is to establish a solidarity-based urbanism, which promotes sustainable ecological and social transition. A urban planning that integrates the notion of mutualization of parking lots and public spaces  (including the “already there” at the OPH park). Horizontal circulation, parking lots with natural light and -systemically- participatory private spaces must be incorporated in all condominiums.

Client: Ville de Vitry, Sadev94
Architects coordinators: Archikubik
Architects coordinators: BERIM ; RICHEZ associés ; SECTEUR
Environmental engineering: Lesenr
Consultancy: Cabinet Scure
Topography: Techniques TOPO
Superficies: 136.000 m2
Phase: In progress (2010-2020)

Environmental Certificates and Labels:
Label Éco-Quartier 2017, Etape 2

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