What already exists

Scène des Loges

Paris XVe, France

Reconversion of a former Renault garage into housing, 7.777 m2

  • Accession housing
  • Family housing
  • Boarding houses
  • Public establishment

Winner Reínventer Paris 3
Archikubik has won the competition to transform the former Renault garage at 29, Quai de Grenelle in Paris’s 15th arrondissement, as part of the new edition of Réinventer Paris 3, launched by Paris City Council.
It is a building of 7,355 m2, with 70 apartments (70% unsubsidised and 30% subsidised), and a social housing hotel for families.
Scène des Loges forms part of the remarkable history of this Parisian neighbourhood, expressing the values of the present human and material legacy. An architecture is proposed that preserves and restores what already exists, minimising new construction. With a systemic perspective, we contribute to accelerating the ecological, social and economic transition poetically and contextually.

Promotor : Immo Extenso, Capelli
Architects : Archikubik
Environmental engineering :Franck Boutté Consultants
General engineering (structural, fluid, electrical and economic) : AIA ingénierie
Acoustic engineer : Pierre Pasquini
Technical architecture and project manager : Cobe EXE
Fire prevention : Artelia
Reuse : Mobius
Programmation : Courtoisie Urbaine
Landscaping : Chorème
Surface:7.742 m2
Phase: Executive project, basic project obtained

Environmental Certificates and Labels:
Certification NF Habitat HQE niveau Excellent (sur l’ensemble du bâtiment neuf et rénové)
Démarche E+C- : Atteinte du niveau E3C1
Labélisation BBC Effinergie Rénovation et BEPOS Effinergie 2017
Label Economie circulaire de NF Habitat HQE
Respect du Plan Climat Paris

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