Siège EPT Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre

Paray-Vieille-Poste, Orly, France

  • Work and creative spaces created in co-conception with workers through workshops and exploratory “one to one” interviews.

The regrouping of 350 employees in a new headquarters and the remodelling of EPT’s regional offices, allows for consultation among all employees to encourage and reinforce cross-cutting teamwork, promote less pyramidal project work and improve communication within and between teams. This new co-creation model, piloted by Archikubik, consists of architects, urban planners and sociologists who, together with the future users, work with a system of regular workshops in small groups and exploratory interviews for each of the different sites.

The result is a project driven by the human factor, in which the vector of time takes precedence, through the flexibility of the spaces and their users, to work in a transversal way in a climate of domesticity. The individual or collective offices with their large windows overlooking the corridors interact with the shared spaces, which take on very different forms: cosy work lounges, informal meeting spaces, transit offices, meeting capsules for two or four people and common areas distributed throughout the floors: Zen room, library, reading and documentation room, cafeteria and co-working area. These eclectic spaces are articulated by circulations, supports for indoor agriculture and art, where autonomous shelves of agricultural production allow the connection of spaces and people.

The ground floor is a showcase for the EPT, with a large, representative and flexible meeting room and a reception hall showcasing the economic and cultural activities of the region.

Maître d’Ouvrage : l’Établissement Public Territorial Grand Orly Seine Bièvre
Architectes : Archikubik
TCE : Facéa
Sociologie: Ville Hybride
Sociologie appliquée: D’CAP Research
Surface: 7221 m2
: Livré 2018

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