Archikubik at URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! – The Bay Urban Visioning Awards premiere

Carmen Santana, co-founder and partner of Archikubik, has been invited to participate in the international conference URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! – The Bay Urban Visioning Awards premiere. This event celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of individuals and companies dedicated to positively transforming our cities. Their efforts focus on promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and an enhanced quality of life in urban environments.

The event is organized by Bilbao Metropoli 30 and has been hosted at Sala BBK, where Carmen Santana was jury member for the Bay Urban Visioning Awards, and also delivered a presentation titled «The Poetry of the Glocal: Shaping Urban Identity.» On October 25th at 16hs45.

Furthermore, on October 26th at 10hrs there was an insightful panel discussion titled «URA Discussion: Humanizing Our Urban Spaces» featuring notable participants such as Carlos Moreno, Gabriella Gomez Mont, and moderated by Idoia Postigo.

The international conference URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! and the launch of The Bay Awards premiere provides a unique opportunity to pause and delve deep into the insights and experiences of experts. They offer us a glimpse into the future of cities and metropolises through the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and the presentation of innovative and disruptive projects.