«Paysages» featuring in german-architects.com

The «Paysages» project by Archikubik in Vitry-sur-Seine, France, has been highlighted by German-Architects. The project comprises two plots, each with a residential building, and a series of revisited terraced houses. It is located amidst the landscape formed by the Eco-connectors of the ZAC Rouget-de-Lisle, an urban project also by Archikubik. The first building is entirely clad in multicolored wood, while the other, white and bright like a quartz rock, has natural motifs screen-printed on all the balconies.

They stand out for their naturally lit hallways and rooftops converted into social spaces for the community with kitchens and gardens. The sober yet lively garden features a sculpture by Julien Berthier.

Thank you German-Architects for the review.

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